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February 2016

Baku Branch
· AzETA Baku Branch was established in 2003. Its office is located at:

Room 322, Baku Slavic University,
25 Suleyman Rustam Street, Baku AZ-1014

Tel.: (+994 12) 441 5068 (ext: 1-51)
Tel/Fax: (+994 12) 441 3632
Email: office@az-eta.org

It is also AzETA's Head Office.

Office is open on Tuesday-Saturday at 14:00-18:00.

Every Saturday there are workshops for the Branch members.

Some details of the Branch activities:

Workshops by Pilgrims Ltd. UK

Jim Wright, Head of Teacher Training and Business Development and Kevin Batchelor, Teacher Trainer of Pilgrims English Courses were in Baku with the invitation of AzETA on 25-28 November 2010. Kevin Batchelor had a workshop at the Dunya School of Khazar University with the organisational support of AzETA.

He had for AzETA members on 27 and 28 November. It was a unique opportunity for the teachers to get new ideas for their daily teaching.

Teacher training for teaching TOEFL

These were open workshops where 20-30 teachers participated at each workshop.

With the financial support of the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs & Office of English Language Programs, AzETA organised a 20-hour TOEFL training course for a group of AzETA members. The course started in February and finished today, 27 May. The trainer was Alecia Rubino, English Language Fellow of the US Embassy.

The training was held in the press centre of Human Rights House Azerbaijan every Thursday. The trainees were awarded with certificates of completion upon successful accomplishment of the training. Now there is a TOEFL teachers' bank in AzETA who can teach TOEFL professionally.

Teacher training by Alecia Rubino

Alecia Rubino, English Language Fellow of the US Embassy was appointed to this position in September 2008 and started co-operating with AzETA in October 2008. She organised 2 types of training for AzETA members on Saturdays. One of the training courses was for the mentors, the other was for the new members of AzETA. Starting from October 2009 the participants of the mentor teachers' course are training their peers.

Teacher training by AzETA members

1. Starting from October 2008 AzETA is offering 40 hour training package to its members. The trainers are the trainees of the Newly Qualified Teacher Training Project funded by the British Council in 2006-2008. As the Project was handed over to AzETA in June 2008, AzETA made it its strategy to train its members with the help of the NQT Project trainees. As such, it was a 3 months training organised every Saturday in the school year of 2008-2009. Each Saturday the participants had a 3 hour session and were trained on different topics pursuant to the Starter Pack developed for the purposes of the NQT Project. The members were very happy for the opportunity.

2. In July 2009 17 AzETA members attended teacher training in the UK offered by Pilgrims Ltd. Starting from 1 October 2009 these trainees gave workshops in AzETA Baku office every Saturday to share the knowledge gianed during the training with their peers.

3. Matthew Miller is an English Language Fellow brought to Azerbaijan by the US Embassy. Although his host institution is Azerbaijan Teachers' Institute, he offered training sessions to AzETA during the 2009-2010 school year. He had a series of open sessions in AzETA Baku office every third Saturday of the month starting from 17 October 2009. The dates for his sessions for 2009 were as below:

17 October
21 November
19 December

We work with:

The Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic
British Council
International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
US Embassy
Khazar University
Baku Slavic University
Community Shield Azerbaijan
Peace Corps
IREX | The International Research & Exchanges Board

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