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AzETA 10th International ELT Conference English beyond the Classroom Walls 22-23 June 2013

Learn English
Teaching English

May 2016

EGP 2010

In 2010 AzETA was awarded with a grant to continue the training in 14 more regions where 450 teachers participated.

The training was organized in Agsu on 19 June and in Shamakhi on 26 June 2010. The trainers promoted Global Home Website among the participants of the training. 18 secondary teachers from different schools of Agsu and 19 secondary teachers from different schools of Shamakhi participated in the training. Below is the feedback by the training on the training in both regions:

Training in Agsu

During the session the trainees were given information on all rubrics of Global Home website. They were distributed disks on
www.teachingenglish.org.uk and shown the way how to log in and use the site in order to find necessary materials for their lessons. The participants were given information on all rubrics of the site. Books and bookmarks
containing information about the site were distributed among the trainees. Feedback from the session:

- To the question if they think the website materials will be helpful in their teaching all participants answered positively.
- All participants agreed that the trainers gave them enough information about the website.
- The participant teachers agreed that the website will help their professional growth.
- Participant teachers noted that they would recommend the website to their friends.

The training in Baku was organized on 30 November. 26 secondary teachers from different schools of Baku attended the training.

The training in Barda and Jalilabad was organized on 24 April and 25 April respectively. 30 teachers participated in the training in Barda and 22 teachers participated in the training in Jalilabad.

Training in Barda

The training in Goygol was organised on 19 June. 27 AzETA members from different schools of the region attended the training.

Training in Goygol

Here is the feedback by the trainer:

1. Introduction to TKT Essentials course
2. Module 1 Lexis
3. Module 1 Speaking
4. Module 1 Reading
5. Module 2 Lesson plan components
6. Module 3 Teacher roles

I started to run TKT Essentials session on Saturday 19 June, 2010. Although it¡¦s intended to have 20 participants for the training there were 27 participants (list of participants and photos will be attached).

As it was one day training I tried to choose more interesting and important to my mind issues and activities for teachers of Goygol district. The session started with introduction to TKT Essentials. The participants were provided with information about TKT Essentials and given explanation about usage of the course materials.

After activities concerning Lexis session teachers had information about key concepts used in describing aspects of vocabulary and could account for some of the factors which lead to vocabulary errors by learners. By the end of the Speaking session, the participants could explain key concepts in oral communication and discuss issues concerning accuracy and fluency in speaking practise. By the end of the Reading session the participants were able to explain key concepts related to reading and its sub skills.

By the end of the Lesson plan components session the participants could distinguish the different components involved in lesson plans and establish advantages of lesson planning. After activities concerning Teacher roles the participants were able to define teacher roles and select teacher roles appropriate to different activities.

The overall of the session was good, participants were involved, the good thing is that majority of them like group and pair work. Discussions were lively. At the end of the session the participants were given some paper to write their thoughts/feedback of session.

Some teachers¡¦ quotes/feedback:

- I think the materials and activities were very useful and I enjoy everything. Thanks a lot.
- I have learned many new terminologies, thanks for organizing such kind of training.
- Thank British Council in Azerbaijan for organizing and supporting this training

Training in Lenkaran was organised on 21 June and in Salyan on 22 June. 17 teachers in Lenkaran and 22 teachers in Salyan attended the training.

Training in Lenkaran

Below is the feedback by the trainers:

The sessions were based on the Global English Product. The trainers presented the ways and methods of teaching English with young learners. They especially forwarded information teaching speaking which is lacking at schools today. During the sessions there was hot discussions on the problems of teaching speaking in the classroom. There were different activities, mostly group and pair work activities where the teachers tried out activities on 4 skills and their integration. There were lively, friendly talks during tea break. After the seminar the teachers wrote feedback. Below is some feedback by the teachers:

- We learned much. We need this kind of seminars. Lt is very important for us.
- Ithink that this Teacher Training seminar will be useful for me during school year.
- The activities presented were interesting. We enjoyed it. Thanks
- The training was very interesting. I¡¦ve learned more new information for teaching young kids. I really enjoyed it. Everything was great. Thanks.
- I must admit that it was really interesting and useful for us - EFL teachers. I'd like such kind of workshops to be held quite often. Thank you. For your interesting activities.
- This training was very interesting And I think I¡¦ll use for my children. Everything was very interesting and important.
- Thanks for coming. You did a good job. I highly evaluate the activities that you taught us today. I have one suggestion You should talk about how watching movies or reading extra books can help students to develop their language skills. Your job appreciated. Thanks once more again.
- It was very great. I enjoyed it. I had a very good time I got some information that would help me. In teaching English. So thank you for your coming from far. I would like you to come and teach us smth new again. Thank you.

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