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AzETA 10th International ELT Conference English beyond the Classroom Walls 22-23 June 2013

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May 2016

EGP 2011


Project 3 was implemented in February ¡V June 2011. The general goal of the program in terms of language competence is to help teachers observe demo lessons as a result of which they are expected to organise their daily teaching based on the materials of these sites which will help their students
develop fluency and communication strategies in English through meaningful interaction. Derived from the general goal, the Project defines general and specific objectives that are appropriate for the teachers¡¦ ongoing professional development.

Promotion Project 3 consisted of 3 stages.

At Stage 1 8 regions were selected where 16 students are taught a three-hour class in teach region. 7 teachers are selected to observe the demo lessons and apply the new skills to their teaching afterwards.

The first demo lesson was organized in Baku on 12 February where 8 selected students participated. 9 selected teachers observed the lesson. The topic was Environmental Protection.

Demo lesson in Baku

Demo lesson in Ismayilli was organized on 5 March. 20 students participated in the demo lesson. 20 teachers observed the lesson. 7
teachers among them will be selected to participate in the competition that will be announced in May. The aim of the competition is to encourage teachers to benefit from the British Council TeachEnglish site and use teaching materials in their daily lessons.

Demo lesson in Ismayilli

Demo lessons in Barda and Ganja were organised on 26 March. There were 16 students and 9 teachers from different secondary schools in the demo lesson in Barda. The topic was Parts of Body.

There were 8 teachers to observe the lesson in Ganja. 16 secondary students participated in the demo lesson. The topic was Environmental Protection.

Demo lesson in Barda and Ganja

Demo lesson in Khachmaz was organized on 2 April. There were 9 secondary teachers to observe the lesson. 17 secondary students participated in the lesson. The topics were Shopping and The World & Me.

Demo lesson in Xacmaz

Demo lesson in Mingechevir was organized on 9 April. There were 18 students and 9 teachers at the lesson. The topic was Environmental Protection.

Demo lesson in Sheki was organized on 23 April. There were 16 students and 17 teachers at the lesson. The topic was Parts of the Body.

Demo lesson in Sumgayit was organised on 7 May. There were 14 students and 7 teachers. The topics were Environmental Protection and Parts of the Body.

Ragsana Mammadova, AzETA Founder & Executive Director observed all the lessons to discuss the Project with the teachers, to inform them about the aims and objectives of the Project, the terms and references of the competition and the Project-end Forum. She also answered questions of the teachers.

Stage 2 of the Project was the competition among the teachers of the Project. The competition covered the period of February - May 2011.

On 1 June, Nigar Baimova, Deputy Director and Gulshan Huseynova, Programmes Manager of the British Council and Ragsana Mammadova, AzETA Founder & Executive Director selected the winners of the competition at the British Council office. As a result, the below teachers were selected the winners of the competition:

Gulshan Huseynli, AzETA Mingechevir Branch ¡V 1st Prize
Gunel Nasibli, AzETA Barda Branch ¡V 2nd Prize
Shafag Agayeva, AzETA Mingechevir Branch ¡V 3rd Prize
Ulker Aliyeva, AzETA Sheki Branch ¡V 4th Prize

Selection criteria included:
- Registration with and active participation at TeachEnglish site
- Using materials in their daily teaching taking from TeachEnglish and LearnEnglish sites
- Number of classes taught in May based on the materials taken from TeachEnglish site
- Feedback by peers who observed the lesson
- List of students registered with LearnEnglish site
- Photos of the lessons
- Description of the lessons

List of the teachers who participated at the Competition:

1. Aygul Shahveranova, Sumqayit ¡V 1 lesson taught
2. Aygun Memmedova, Sheki ¡V 3 lessons taught
3. Aynura Mehdiyeva, Sheki ¡V 3 lesson taught
4. Dilara Kerimova, Bas Kungut Village, Sheki ¡V 3 lesson taught
5. Edalet Musayeva, Sheki ¡V 8 lessons taught
6. Gulnaz Hajiyeva, Mingechevir ¡V 7 lessons taught
7. Gulshan Huseynli, Mingechevir ¡V 36 lessons taught
8. Gunel Nasibli, Katalparag Village, Barda ¡V 16 lessons taught
9. Irada Mammadova, Xacmaz ¡V 3 lesson taught
10. Kenul Qafarova, Sumqayit ¡V 1 lesson taught
11. Meleknisa Ismayilova, Mingechevir ¡V 2 lessons taught
12. Natiga Guliyeva, Ganja ¡V 4 lessons taught
13. Seadet Hasanova, Goygol ¡V 2 lessons taught
14. Sevil Aliverdiyeva, Xacmaz ¡V 4 lessons taught
15. Shefeg Agayeva, Mingechevir ¡V 11 lessons taught
16. Sherafet Bayramov, Ismayilli ¡V 3 lessons taught
17. Ulker Aliyeva, Sheki ¡V 11 lessons taught

Stage 3 of the Project was a one-day Forum in Baku which was held on 4 June at the Khazar University where all the Project teachers all Project regions were brought together to discuss the results of their teaching through using materials taken from TeachEnglish and LearnEnglish sites. They had also a chance to give presentations at the Forum on their teaching based on TeachEnglish and LearnEnglish sites.

Besides the Project teachers, some guest teachers from non-Project regions were also invited to the Forum where besides being introduced to the materials from TeachEnglish and LearnEnglish sites, they were given a chance to register the sites for their future reference.

The result of the competition was also announced and the winners were awarded at the Forum.

83 participants and 8 presenters from 15 regions of Azerbaijan attended the Forum:

1. Baku ¡V 21 participants, 7 presenters
2. Barda ¡V 5 participants, 1 presenter
3. Bilesuvar ¡V 1 participant
4. Ganja ¡V 6 participants
5. Goygol ¡V 1 participant
6. Ismayilli ¡V 5 participants
7. Lenkaran ¡V 3 participants
8. Masalli ¡V 1 participant
9. Mingechevir ¡V 6 participants
10. Neftchala ¡V 2 participants
11. Qebele ¡V 2 participants
12. Salyan ¡V 3 participants
13. Sheki ¡V 8 participants, 1 presenter
14. Sumgayit ¡V 6 participants
15. Xacmaz ¡V 4 participants

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Baku Slavic University
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