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AzETA 10th International ELT Conference English beyond the Classroom Walls 22-23 June 2013

Learn English
Teaching English

April 2016

EGP 2012

AzETA was awarded with the Promotion Project 4 in October 2011 which started in December 2011 and ended in May 2012.

8 regions were selected to implement the Project. These regions were the ones where there are schools with computer clusters which are not used effectively. The regions included: Barda, Bilesuvar, Ismayilli, Jalilabad, Xacmaz, Mashtaga district of Baku, Salyan, Sheki.

Promotion Project 4 consisted of 4 stages:

At Stage 1, 8 teachers from these regions were brought together in Baku for 2 full days on 17-18 December 2011 to be trained on computer assisted language learning and how to use TeachEnglish and LearnEnglish sites for the purposes of the Project. The training was organized in Baku and the trainers of the EGP Promotional Projects 1-3 were involved for the training.

Trainer training in Baku

At Stage 2 (December 2011 ¡V May 2012) the trained teachers were given lesson plans and assignments to teach to 240 children (30 children from each region) selected from these regions and they had a two-hour lesson every week within 5 months (December 2011 ¡V April 2012). Each of the student registered to learn English website and used it with the support of the teacher on a systematic basis.

Student selection criteria included:

„« 14 ¡V 17 year olds as this is the age group which have more access to internet, but use it for non-education purposes;
„« Children from the schools that are a part of the Electronic Schools project;
„« Children with basic computer skills (additional skills on working with power point taught to them during the course);
„« Children with an access to internet at least twice a week;
„« Children at least with elementary level of English (their English level were tested with Placement tests developed by AzETA);

Lesson 1 was an introductory lesson where the students were introduced to LearnEnglish site and how to use this site. At every lesson the teachers gave tasks to the students to prepare independently after the class using LearnEnglish site. At each next lesson the students discussed, shared and compared the materials they used from LearnEnglish site.

During the lessons the students were also trained to give presentations using LearnEnglish site.

EGP classes in Jalilabad

Stage 3 Regional Monitoring visits (January ¡V April 2012)

AZETA trainers visited project regions to monitor the project implementation and provide feedback to the teachers in the regions. The first visit was to Xacmaz on 5 February.

EGP classes in Xacmaz

The visit to Mashtaga was on 27 March. Next monitoring visits were as below:

on 14 April:

- Jalilabad
- Salyan
- Sheki

EGP classes in Ismayilli

on 21 April

- Barda

EGP classes in Barda

Stage 4. Final presentation of results and Round Table on Ictimai TV (May 2012)

On 8 May Project teachers were brought together in Baku to report their results, share experiences and participate in a TV program on the topic: The role of Digital technology in the current way of teaching of English. Some of the most active students of the Project were also invited to the TV programme to share their impresssions on the programme highlighting the knowledge gained through this project.

AzETA acknowledges the British Council for this Project which is a unique opportunity for teachers, students and parents. So far about 800 teachers and 8,000 students benefited from the Project directly and indirectly.

We work with:

The Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic
British Council
International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
US Embassy
Khazar University
Baku Slavic University
Community Shield Azerbaijan
Peace Corps
IREX | The International Research & Exchanges Board

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